2018 Breeding Results (Sorted by Mare)

Name '17 Breeding Last Bred Status 2018 Foal Result
A Sundae On Sunday Resolve 3/28/18 In Foal Colt 3/19/18
Andover The Top Royalty For Life 6/29/18 In Foal
Ballineen Shadow Play 5/30/18 In Foal Colt 4/7/18
Barn Diva Resolve 3/31/18 Open
Bluebird D Train Royalty For Life 6/11/18 Barren
Cersei Hanover Muscle Mass 3/9/18 In Foal
Dabrina Muscle Mass 5/2/18 In Foal
Dancing Coed Muscle Mass 5/2/18 In Foal Colt 4/23/18
Disneypan Sportswriter 7/2/18 In Foal
Dreamfair Infinity Shadow Play 5/9/18 In Foal
Face To Face Shadow Play 3/23/18 In Foal
Fade Sportswriter 3/9/18 In Foal
First Flower Resolve 5/18/18 In Foal
Isabella Blue Chip Downbytheseaside 5/31/18 In Foal
Katys Jet Sunshine Beach 5/16/18 In Foal
Kelseys Keepsake Muscle Hill 6/29/18 Barren
Lady Love Hanover Muscle Mass 5/16/18 In Foal Colt 5/16/18
Major Delight Control The Moment 5/28/18 In Foal
Miss Mittzie Bee Sunshine Beach 4/25/18 In Foal
Nefertiti Blue Chip Sunshine Beach 4/25/18 In Foal
Shes All Muscle Royalty For Life 3/7/18 In Foal Colt 2/13/18
Snowbird He's Watching 5/7/18 In Foal Aborted
Star Of Show Control The Moment 6/4/18 In Foal Filly 5/27/18
Sumthintotalkabout Royalty For Life 6/15/18 In Foal Filly 5/26/18
Tommi My Girl Royalty For Life 6/15/18 In Foal Filly 4/3/18
Waasmula Shadow Play 3/19/18 In Foal